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Vélodrome Stadium

Go behind the scenes of the New Velodrome Stadium which dates back to 1935; key symbol for Marseille, it created the mythical champions of the football world: Josip SKOBLAR, Jean-Pierre PAPIN, Didier DROGBA, etc. After three years of major work, it‘s now a Stadium that corresponds to the standards UEFA Stadiums offered to football and rugby fans, which will host the Euro 2016 Championships.

Discover the strategic places of the Stadium: the panoramic VIP lounge, the press-room, the L’OM locker room, the exit tunnel for the players to the playing field, and the splendid view from the player’ s bench. All of this with an authorized guide. Because of the planned events, the visit may undergo some changes according to the security measures put in place during preparation of some

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